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Thu, Dec 06 2007 17:45:51

Really Im just testing my off site watermarking for Rollaclub.com ... but heres a photo from the last track day!

Has anyone noticed?
Sat, Aug 04 2007 19:20:54

I really suck at this whole blogging thing. Almost a full year between entrys. Oh well...

Cars done a few sprint days now netting a best lap time of 1:02.84 on QR Sprint circuit on street tyres which is a pretty decent time. What makes it even more impressive is that I was having boost troubles and wouldn't give me more than 10psi thus limiting me to about 150kw. Through the recent updates (I'll get to them in a sec) I should be pushing more like 200kw once the car is tuned properly... only limited by my turbo now.

So on to the upgrades. First came the HKS camshafts back in around February. Then I decided I didn't want to race the car without a tune but in order to push more power I needed a better clutch than the PBR OEM replacement which surprised me that it was even holding 170kw. I decided on an Exedy 5 puk ceramic button clutch. Seen as I don't drive the car on the road so much anymore the somewhat violent engagement of a button clutch didn't bother me. Also because I don't drift the car it wasn't going to be too harsh on the gearbox (no clutch kicks). So then after a lot of fussing around deciding what fuel and engine management setup to use I settled on SARD 700cc top feed fuel injectors on a SARD top feed fuel rail with a HKS fuel pressure regulator. As for ECU I went with a AEM Wolf 3D V500 with an adapter harness to suit my current loom.

I ran a VERY WET track day on about 12-13psi and was managing to keep up with some quick GTRs and was the fastest non-AWD in the afternoon group. Unfortunatly Im having some problems with the CAS signal going funny after about 40 minutes. Luckily this didnt prevent me going for a run at the track but it has caused problems with trying to tune the car. Once Ive manage to solve the problem I should be able to see a bit over 200kw at the wheels and possibly in the 250kw range with a larger turbo.

As for now the cars up on stands awaiting new struts in order to clear my new track rims which are from an R33 GTR. Measuring 17x9 +30 they're a VERY tight fit under the front of the Silvia. With my Cusco suspension they just barely brush the spring seat. This wasn't enough clearance for me to be comfortable with so Ive ordered Bilstein struts which should provide sufficient clearance. Unfortunately due to the massive price tag on the Bilsteins (which is completely justified...they are that good!) Ive been only able to affor the fronts for now. Once I sell my Cusco coilovers I'll be able to order the rears and an adjustable swaybar for the front. Because of the lower spring rates which will help immensely on the very bumpy QR circuit, I will have to upgrade to something a bit stiffer than the standard swaybar. Ive also finally taken the step of upgrading to 5 stud which opens up wheel availability. Now that I have my R33 GTR rims for the track Ive been able to invest in a set of semi slicks. I picked up a second hand set of barely used Hoosier A3S05 semi slicks (almost full slicks). While being intended for autocross this shouldn't hinder me at all with sprinting. The fast warm up will allow me to go 100% from lap #1. I will also finally be able to run my full Rays Volk Racing Evolution set.

So thats where the cars at for the moment. I will hopefully be hitting the circuit again later this month and SHOULD see a 59.99 or faster lap time which has been my goal for this year.

Sun, Aug 27 2006 16:49:47

Long time no update!

Well gee, the silvias been on the road and running for about 5 months now. Had a few problems with a rusty fuel tank (even though I had it sent for cleaning!) and blocking the fuel pump pickup. Had to replace the tank unfortunatly. Installed an AVC-R which now helps me run 12psi all day every day. Nice little piece of equiptment that. Have taken the car out to the drag strip and ran a 13.8 and unfortunatly missed 3rd gear (syncro blocked me out). Line for a run was over 1hr 45mins long so I only did 2 runs with the the first one being a feeler run. I think if I could get it off the line cleaner and get the gearbox all set theres certainly a low 13 in it!

Just finished installing my R33 brakes. Theyre very big, perhaps a little too big. Need better tyres to be able to utilise them better. Ive written up a little article on my...articles page! Hopefully I'll be able to write up a few more. I had noticed a few people coming here looking for information, but finding none. Should be better now :)

Clutch problems
Thu, Jan 26 2006 19:02:12

Been having issues with the clutch not disengaging. Looks like I might have overlooked the pressure plate bolts and they could be loose. Time to take the gearbox off (quite a challenge)

I got my brakes after a battle with the freight company and thats after the 3 month wait from the date I payed for them from garage 13. Poor form.
Ive resprayed them silver, look kinda cool but Im yet to get the rotors redrilled and fit them to see how they look on the car.

Sun, Jan 15 2006 13:05:17

IT F#@$KING RUNS!! Unbelieveable!!!!

we cranked oil up to it with no sparkys and the CAS unplugged then put in the sparkys, coilpacks and plugged the cas in.

i went to start it...but i was so nervous i just sorta blipped the key so then i gave it a big kick in the guts and away she went

idled up around 1200rpm for cold idle then dropped down to ~900rpm after a few mins and then I shut it off.

@#$@#^%!!! Im absolutly estatic!!!!!
p.s. sounds great with no exhaust on too :D

Tue, Dec 27 2005 09:16:11

I was googling some stuff for this site and found this.

From 2003: http://www.boostcruising.com....showtopic=22756

lol irokin -> domokun?

Mon, Nov 21 2005 17:59:46

Ive decided to respec my car a little bit. I bought some Rays Volk Racing mesh rims, beautiful rims (I keep one by my bed haha, no seriously) but unfortunatly the front rims wernt multi-stud so now I have to upgrade to 5 stud front hubs. This meant doing either one of two options. Upgrade to FULL S14 front suspension, which is very expensive and screws up the front suspension geometry in my opinion. My other alternative is to get custom hubs in 5 stud. This works out to be about $350 for the pair of bare front hubs. You press out your existing bearings (or by new ones...but they arnt cheap) and get them pressed into the custom hubs, and get new wheel studs pressed in. This is the option that Im going for and I should be ordering the hubs in the next few days.

While Im buggering around with 5 stud I decided to upgrade my brakes too (after installing the SR20 brakes about 5 days before). So now I have R33 GTS-t brakes on the way ($410 delivered from Garage-13). They are 4 spot alloy calipers over 296mm ventilated rotors. These are the same brakes that are on the R32 GTR and take slightly larger rotors than the S14/R32 Type M/Z32 brakes. Should be some good stopping power.

I'll upload some pictures of it all when I get a chance

Wed, Oct 26 2005 21:59:05

Well...I lost interest for a week or two. Lots of other things going on in life so the silvia had to take a back seat. Few things have happened, mostly buying stuff. I bought a nice set of rims. Volk 3 piece mesh (older style GT-Us I think) in 17x8 and 17x9. Should fit nice and snug under the guards...I hope. Also ordered a brand new oxygen sensor. If you ever need to replace yours its probably a good idea to get a brand new one. The S13 is apparently quite sensitve to bad oxygen sensors. I had to get an S14 sensor because they have a larger (18mm?) thread to fit my aftermarket dump pipe.

Its getting to the stage where little annoying things need to be done. Nothing else you can do but get in and get them done. Cant wait to go for a drive :)

Silvia progress
Sun, Oct 16 2005 12:37:13

Im really happy with the progress at the moment. Its getting to the stage where it looks like you could almost start the car. Viscous fan, radiator shroud and radiator pipes (From Gates racing...cool blue pipes) are all in. Ive started doing some of the vac lines and I THINK ive got them the right way round. I need to get some more vac lines so I can run a boost referance to the turbos wastegate and a vac line to the BOV.

I had a look at the wiring again, contemplating doing it myself. I very quickly decided against it. Not only do the connectors need to be rewired, all the wires have to be rearranged because they go into different connectors. Im told its as "easy" as matching the wire colours, but I think I'd prefer to pay an auto electrican $400 to do it PROPERLY the first time than screw it up myself and then spend forever trying to find little gremlins.

Still trying to find a set of rims I like...at the right price.

So the engines in....
Mon, Nov 21 2005 18:10:15

Well after having the car for about 8 months Ive finally got my replacement engine in...and it looks so happy in its new home. Now all Ive got left to do is...well...a fair bit accually. I still need to find a ignitor and coil pack loom, Install the intercooler, radiator + shroud, PS13 aircon lines, tailshaft, clutch slave, front and dump pipes, cat converter *breath* install the boost gauge, remap the ECU for my engine, install the SR front discs and calipers, chop the front bar to fit the intercooler then fit it. Then when its all ready to start, install the new fuel pump. Oh and you cant forget its still gotta go for compliance and road worthy, then a bit of panel beating...

*Sigh* I really hope its all gonna be worth it in the end. At least I keep telling myself that. If your ever gonna do a conversion, figure out your budget...then add on $2,000 at least. This WAS a $6k project, blown out to $10k+. Ah well, the things we do for fun.